HR Internship

Αναρτήθηκε: Τετάρτη, 30 Οκτώβριος, 2019 - 17:35
Τελευταία τροποποίηση: Τρίτη, 5 Νοέμβριος, 2019 - 08:54
Ενεργή: Ναι
Εγκεκριμένη: Ναι
Εταιρία: PeopleCert Hellas SA
Αφορά πρακτική άσκηση: Ναι
Τύπος σύμβασης: ΟΑΕΔ & ΕΣΠΑ
Αφορά εργασία: Όχι
Περιγραφή: PeopleCert, a global leader in assessment and certification of professional skills, is in need of an HR trainee. You will be trained to provide the highest level of support across the range of HRM processes to ensure smooth workflow, prompt response to employee requests, compliance with company procedures and labour laws. Requirements • Up to 6 months internship, in participation with your educational organization • Studies related to HR/ Business Administration are preferred • Excellent use of the English language (C2 level) • Very good use of MS Office applications • Excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational skills For more information, please visit
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Έως: Σάββατο, 30 Μάιος, 2020 - 00:00
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