International Programmes for Global MBA Students

Dear Colleagues,


Please find here some information about  Executive Summer School and Intensive seminars we organize in Brussels, thank you to transfer the information to the appropriate coordinators/students.

For your information, we added a page on our website, where we put information received from our partners organizing Summer programmes ( ) so our students have an easy access to it. If you have also such a page on your website, we would appreciate you to put the below information and brochures online too.


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Tamara Schuller

Head of International Relations Office

Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management, ULB

avenue F.D. Roosevelt 21 - CP 145/1

B-1050 Brussels

Tel.: +32 2 650 41 68

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Dear Partners,


We are pleased to inform you about our new International Programmes for Global MBA Students, here at Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management (SBS-EM) :


·        International Tailor-made Seminars:


For more than ten years we have organized these seminars for our partners across the world like: Darden Graduate School (Virginia), ESCP Europe (Paris), and Warwick Business School (London).

We generally welcome 15 to 35 students, for one week (it can be up to two weeks), organize lectures including case studies, visits to the EU Institutions and multinational headquarters based in Belgium. These seminars are totally flexible in terms of timing, duration, topics and activities. Examples of topics previously covered are: Business Implications of the EU, Euromarketing, EU Decision-making, Cross Cultural Management, Islamic Finance, etc.

The cost depends on the number of courses and the services that are required. For more information please take a look at our brochures attached and the programme’s webpage:

International Tailor-made Seminars


·        The Executive Summer School: “Doing Business in Europe” (June 24 – July 6, Brussels:


This summer, 45 international MBA students and executive programme students from across the world will participate in a 2-week programme during last week of June and first week of July. This programme focuses on the most topical issues of business and economics in Europe.

There are 4 tracks in this programme (Euro Finance, EU Regulations, Innovation in Europe and finally Euromarketing vs. American Marketing). Highly recommended to MBA students, executives, entrepreneurs and start-ups, and who else that is interested to know everything in Business world of EU and also those who look for networking opportunities within Belgium/Europe and also with international MBAs. Participants will be granted with 5 ECTS.

For more information please take a look at the brochure attached and also the webpage: Executive Summer Programme on European Business


In both programmes, Solvay lecturers will use a combination of interactive seminars, case studies, and company visits. Visits to European institutions such as European commission and Parliament can also be arranged per your request.


Fees of participation in tailor-made seminars depend on the duration, lectures and visits that you request.

Fees of participation in Executive Summer programme will be $3,600 per student. (There are considerable discounts as per group of 10 students).


Both programmes can be evaluated and get incorporated in student’s diploma in case you are interested.


For more information, please contact :

Ms. Soha Saati

Tel.: +32 2 650 41 67

Fax: +32 2 650 42 85


We are looking forward to host your students here at Solvay!


Best regards,

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